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Terpenes are extensively used in a number of industries and in products that we use in our daily lives. Since they are the purest form of natural compounds, and are biodegradable, their application to numerous industrial processes cannot be doubted. From food additives to insecticides, from cleaners to disinfectants, from adhesives to perfumes, terpenes have myriad of industrial applications. Some of the industries where terpene is used are:

Perfume and Fragrance Industry: One can say that the perfume industry breathes on essential oils extracted from terpenes. Since perfumes and fragrances solely depend on essential oils, the need of terpene in this industry is crucial. Terpenes are the primary constituent of ‘essential oils’ found in flowers and plants. These essential oils are used for variety of purposes in perfume and fragrance industry. The terpene variants are used for expanding variety of aromas. In traditional and alternative medical treatments like aromatherapy, terpenes are used. Air fresheners and Camphor are also prepared with numerous essential oils containing different types of terpenes.

Food and Beverage Industry: There won’t be any taste in food if there is no flavouring substance in it. There are many flavours that exist and these flavours can be naturally or artificially prepared by using terpenes. They are used as flavouring agents and additives. Since the natural formation and purity is assured in terpene derived essential oils, the food industry recommends its usage. There are no harmful or side effects of terpene usage in food. They can be used for adding ‘essences’ like vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, rose, mango, orange, etc. The FDA has approved the use of terpene derivatives since it’s safe and natural.

Rubber Industry: Manufacturing of rubber based products is incomplete without the usage of terpenes. Specifically, Terpene Phenolic Resins are used in preparation of chloronorgutta rubber for PVC artificial leathers. Terpene Phenolic Resin are dull coloured, have a high softening point and excellent sticking ability. They are idealfor adhesives, coatings, inks, printing electronic circuit, plastic, and rubbers. They have good heat resistance, can increase the bond strength and also provide specific adhesion to metallic surfaces.

Plastic Industry: Terpene cleaners are widely used in the Plastic industry. They are the finest de-greasers. Terpene cleaners dissolvewax, oil, grease, crayon, plastic and chewing gum. They also remove smoke tracks from vehicles, clean asphalt etc. They have excellent penetrating ability to clean soils and therefore are widely used in numerous processes in the Plastic industry.

Paint Industry: The Paint industry is highly dependent on terpene and its derivatives. Varnish is one such product which is an essential part this industry. Paint thinners, oil paints, oil paint colours all constitute terpenes. Besides these major products, there are many chemical substances used in the Paint industry that cannot be produced without the help of terpenes.

Insecticides: : Some derivatives of terpenes like Limonene are good insecticides. They are used in pest control and insect control operations and are added to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Instead of using strong chemicals which can be toxic for plants and crops, many agro-chemists recommend using terpene based insecticides .

Electronic parts:: Some terpene based products are used for electronic parts like printed circuit boards. Terpene hydrocarbons and ketone blends are used for electrical contact cleaning. They have high dielectric strength and quick evaporation rate. The biodegradability makes this mixture ideal for cleaning electrical contacts in Electrical Utility industry. .

For clinical purpose: Terpenes are one of the best disinfectants and hencehave a good demand for clinical functions like disinfection of medical equipment. Pine oil has emulsifying properties and is considered a good disinfectant. Terpene alcohol is an antiseptic agent which is highly preferred by medical professionals.